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In a time of turbulence and change, we need to come together and be more attentive to how new legislation shapes the services we provide. We need to advocate loudly for how beneficial our services are. Otherwise, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation will remain the best kept secrets in secondary prevention.

Current Bills to Be Aware Of

U.S. House Bill # HR 4838: This bill will exempt certain hospital outpatient services from a drastic reimbursement reduction that are based solely on the location of the hospital outpatient service. Download the PDF or read our 2020 Legislative Priority.

As the Legislative Priority explains, the SOS: Sustaining Outpatient Services Act mandates implementation of regulations that create specific financial thresholds. As long as no physician specialty - nationwide - bills for any CPT or HCPCS code under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (in an aggregate amount greater than $2 million) in the previous year for which data are available, that code (or codes) would be exempt from reduced reimbursement requirements for off-campus outpatient services. Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services are in this category and, therefore, would be included in the exemption.

Currently, hospitals that choose to expand or relocate (beyond the 250-yard threshold) CR and PR services must bill at the physician fee schedule rate, thereby creating a very strong disincentive for hospitals to improve access to CR and PR services. A very limited number of exceptions to this exist. While CMS recognizes this reality as an “unintended consequence” of Section 603, the Agency states it has no authority to address our problem. It will take legislation to correct this barrier to expanded patient access to these beneficial services.

That's where you come in...

Take Steps to Advocate: Contact Your Representatives and US Senators with Customizable Letters

AACVPR has made it easy to become an advocate for CR and PR services. Use the below pre-drafted, customizable letters to contact your U.S. House representative and advocate for bill HR 4838. Just 5 minutes and one letter could make a huge difference! Show your support for the life-changing effects of CR/PR, and click on one of the buttons below to start your letter. 

HR4838 - Initial Letter

CR/PR Practitioners Medical Directors/Physicians

Grateful Patients Hospital Administrators

HR4838 - Follow-up letter for use by anyone who sent an initial letter

HR4838 Follow-up Letter

Letter to Support Future Companion Senate Bill to HR 4838

Letter Supporting Companion Senate Bill

Meet with Your U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators at Day on the Hill 2020

Advocate for our profession in person by coming to Washington, D.C., for Day on the Hill (DOTH) 2020, March 2-3. Registration is complimentary! Your elected officials who vote on legislation and make Medicare decisions, must stay informed on what is important to us as constituents and providers of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. At DOTH, you have the opportunity to meet with your U.S. Senators and your state’s U.S. House Representatives to represent your state in those Congressional offices.


AACVPR provides many resources to use when advocating for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, including tips for communicating and meeting with officials, fact sheets, infographics, and more. Explore our resources on the Day on the Hill web page.

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