Virtual Rehabilitation Module Series

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual delivery has emerged as a vital component of a care plan. AACVPR’s Virtual Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Module Series is a new educational offering that will guide professionals through evidence-based virtual delivery, components of delivery, regulatory considerations, real-world case studies and more. This resource will provide practical hands-on knowledge that can be immediately applied in patient care.

The series is available as a package of three modules with a phased release, so that we can get this critical education in the hands our professionals as soon as it is available. Module One is available now; Modules Two and Three will be automatically added to your library when available.

This new program is available free to AACVPR members, a valuable asset of AACVPR membership with thanks to support from Chanl Health and Phas3 Health.

Series Pricing: Free for AACVPR members; $375 for non-members

Continuing Education Credits: Credits will be awarded after the completion of Module 3, which will be released in April, 2021.

  • AACVPR CE: 6
  • AARC CE: 6 (An application has been made out to AARC)
  • Nursing CE: 6 (An application has been made out to Creighton University)

Purchase Series

Module One Now Available

Module One covers:

  • New Delivery Models for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation: The AACVPR Perspective
  • Virtual Cardiac Rehab: Evidence and Application
  • Virtual Pulmonary Rehabilitation Evidence Base

View Module One Presenters

  • Introduction and the AACVPR Perspective
    • Todd Brown, MD, MSPH, FACC, FAACVPR
    • Dean Diersing, MS, RCEP, EP-C, EIM3, FAACVPR, CCRP
  • Evidence-Based Remote Rehab and Application
    • CR: Randy Thomas, MD, MS, MAACVPR, FACC
    • PR: Chris Garvey, FNP, MSN, MPA, MAACVPR

Upcoming Modules

Module Two

Available March 2021. Module Two will cover:

  • Patient Assessment and Risk Stratification
  • Exercise Prescription and Progression
  • Risk Factor Management and Education
  • Nutrition and Behavioral Management
  • Psychosocial Management
  • Devices, Applications and Gadgets

View Module Two Presenters

  • Patient Assessment and Risk Stratification
    • David Prince, MD
  • Exercise Prescription, Progression and Safety
    • Robert Berry, MS, RCEP, FAACVPR
  • Risk Factor Management and Education
    • Delivering Patient Education Remotely
      • Joel Hughes, PhD, FAACVPR
    • BP, Cholesterol, and Diabetes Management and Education
      • Amit Shah, MD
    • Tobacco Cessation
      • Quinn Pack, MD, MSc
    • Oxygen Use, Titration, System and Safety
      • Brian Carlin, MD, MAACVPR
    • Inhaled Medication Use
      • Brian Carlin, MD, MAACVPR
    • Exacerbation Prevention and Management
      • Brian Carlin, MD, MAACVPR
    • Dyspnea Control, ADLs and Pacing
      • Brian Carlin, MD, MAACVPR
  • Behavior Management, Nutrition and Weight Management
    • Amy Knight, PhD, ABPP
    • Ruth Rasmussen, MA, MS, RDN, LD, CCRP
  • Psychosocial Management
    • Joel Hughes PhD, FAACVPR
  • Devices and Applications (Gadgets)
    • Alexis Beatty, MD, MAS

Module Three

Available April 2021. Module Three will cover:

  • Operations and Regulations: Current Landscape
  • Engaging the C-Suite on New Delivery Models
  • Series of Real-World Case Studies

View Module Three Presenters

  • Operations and Regulations: Current Landscape
    • Karen Lui, BSN, MS, MAACVPR
  • Engaging the C-Suite on Remote Rehab
    • Tom Draper, MBA, MAACVPR
    • Adam deJong, MA, MAACVPR, FACSM
  • Remote Rehab Case Studies
    • Case Study of Successful HB CR/PR Program
      • Robert Berry, MS, RCEP, FAACVPR
    • Critical Access Hospital
      • Gayla Oakley, RN, CCRP, MAACVPR
    • VA Remote Rehab
      • Kariann Drwal, CCRP
      • Hank Wu, MD, MPH
    • Pulmonary Rehab
      • Missy Von Luehrte, RN
    • UCSF Home/Hybrid CR Model
      • Alexis Beatty, MD, MAS


This program is supported, in part, by Chanl Health and Phas3 Health.